Greeting from… VRgifts

Create your “Greetings from…” card in Virtual Reality!
What is nicer than sending a postcard to family and friends back home, if you’re somewhere on vacation? This is even better, namely by sending a card in Virtual Reality.
A more original holiday card does not exist! Moreover, you also add your own pictures and text to the 360Ëš figure.

Create your VRgifts now

How does it work?
The time of written cards or even digital messages in 2D is over – at least, if you want to impress. Therefore now send your postcard in Virtual Reality!
The VRgifts consists of a cardboard glasses and a downloadable app, which together provide an intense 3D experience. After the simple installation of the glasses puts the recipient his or her smartphone in the viewer and look at your holiday destination in 360Ëš, including your own photos and text!.


VRGiftss has very positively surprised us with their concept to clarify the growth of tomatoes through Virtual Reality.
The Smartphone App and Cardboard our clients and customers can take a look inside our company. Angelanido dumaro Elma di pre sumani.
We have received very enthusiastic responses!
Alois van Vliet – CEO.