Surprise in Virtual Reality!
Immersive and original

Personal Virtual Reality card on smartphone €2,95
Cardboard viewer €7,00
= VRgifts €9,95

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How it works

A message in Virtual Reality is truly unique. The user is literally in another world where he or she can look around and walk-through. You make your own card in just three easy steps.

Step 1

Upload images

Upload your personal photos and text in the VR environment.

Step 2

Sending it

We ship the VR movie and Cardboard to your loved one.

Step 3

VR movie card and glasses

The recipient opens the VR app, places her / his smartphone into the supplied VR Cardboard and views your Valentine greeting!

Start your VRgifts today!

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With our own designed vCard glasses introduces you with Virtual Reality in a fun way

Easy to set up and fold together again
Suitable for any size smartphone
Has better lenses and the glasses will last longer

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Stappen VRbril vouwen